Stretton Sugwas Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan


for September-October 2015


Background:  At a public meeting in early 2013 consideration was given to the prospect of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for our Parish.  At that time there seemed little interest and no imperative to proceed and therefore the Parish Council decided not to progress with such a plan, but to continue to monitor the situation.  However, during the intervening period there have been significant changes to the "climate" surrounding planning (the emergence of the NPPF - National Planning Policy Framework) and Herefordshire Council, to the point where the Parish Council by a subsantial majority concluded that, in order to protect our community interests,  it needed to proceed with caution towards producing a Neighbourhood Plan.


The background to this decision was in part because of the Council's inability, for a number of reasons, to adopt its Draft Core Strategy, the absence of a clear 5-year housing land supply, and finally, an unrealistic, uneconomic and undeliverable infrastructure delivery plan.  These factors have coincided with a plethora of planning applications for development in areas on the fringes of the City of Hereford, which the Local Authority seems relatively powerless to or unwilling to refuse. Whilst Stretton Sugwas Parish can sustain development, it must be in a measured and planned way to protect the rural nature of our separate communities, spread across a significantly wide geographical area.


The Parish Council has, therefore, decided to employ the services of external planning consultants (Kirkwells) to help carry out this neighbourhood planning process in conjunction with our neighbouring parish of Breinton, in order to ensure a degree of commonality and purpose across a wide area.  Our Neighbourhood Plan will, of course, need to be in conformity with any core strategy that Herefordshire Council adopts, but it will at least provide a framework for helping to ensure that our Parish's development is done in a measured and sustainable way.  


The cost of the exercise is to be met from grant funding from central government and will have no impact on the costs of running our Parish from the precept.


Alistair McHarg, Chairman, SSPC


(The first draft Neighbourhood Plan was published at the beginning of 2014 on the website and an open day  was advertised and held to give residents the chance to review it and make their comments. The first draft was accepted.)

















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The Stretton Sugwas Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is published for public consultation until 26th October. Please click on the links below to download copies of the plan, representation form and other supporting documents.